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"You cannot affect one, without considering the others"


Most firms care about your money and how you invest it.  We care about your life and how you make decisions to enrich it.  At Silber Bennett, we start by learning what is important to you and how you feel about money.  We strive to bring clarity, understanding and solutions to make reaching your goals simple.  Through this process you gain a glimpse into the future and learn how the decisions you make today affect your tomorrow, and for generations to come.


Tax Planning for Retirement


You may not realize that when you reach retirement, you may lose many of the deductions you once enjoyed, such as home mortgage interest, dependents, and retirement plan contributions. And if you’re a business owner, you’ll be losing even more deductions. Although you may have less income during retirement, your taxable income may be just as high or higher!


If you don’t take action to avoid paying excess tax, you’ll likely be in for a rather unwelcomed surprise during your retirement years, which could result in living a lower lifestyle, or outliving your money.




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